GLS Magento 2 (EN) : 5. Miscellaneous

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Generation of the Google Maps API Key 

To use the GLS Point Relais shipping method, it’s necessary to define an API key. Indeed, the module uses a Google Map to locate the relays, and this service require an API key.

You have to generate this API Key and set it in the configuration (check 2.1 Shipping Methods).

Here are the different steps to generate this API key:

  • Go to
  • Connect with a Google account
  • Go to “Credentials” section
  • Click on “Create credentials” > “API Key” (It’s possible to configure restriction for this key)
  • Copy the key
  • Go to “Library” section
  • Search “Google Maps JavaScript API” and click on the corresponding result
  • Click on “Enable”
  • Back in the GLS configuration, paste the key in Stores > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > GLS, your transport partner > Google Maps API Key

5.2 Support

If you need some help with the configuration or installation of our module, please contact your GLS advisor.

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