WordPress Alpha changelog

On the roadmap:

  • Integration with WooCommerce (product insertion / filters)
  • Archive / latest newsletter(s) widgets
  • New field to specify the overview in Gmail (on emails' listing)
  • New amazing Acy editor
  • Double opt-in per list
  • Handle custom fields when inserting WordPress posts

AcyMailing WP 5.9.0 Beta:

  • Add "Call to action" button insertion

AcyMailing WP 0.67:

27 December 2017

  • Fix error message when filtering newsletters by tag (PHP 7.1+)
  • jQuery is now loaded in Acy popups as some WP plugins may need it
  • The date/time inserted in newsletters are finally multilingual
  • Tested on multisite network with sub-domains

AcyMailing WP 0.66:

21 December 2017

  • On multisite networks, activating only on a sub-site doesn't activate/redirect to the main site anymore (confusion between "site" and "blog")
  • Fixed issue on email address checker
  • Insert WordPress posts in newsletters

AcyMailing WP 0.65:

15 December 2017

  • Timezone now handled correctly when scheduling newsletters and when displaying dates
  • Error messages are now displayed correctly with the widget
  • Alignment buttons now work on images in the editor
  • Create/update an AcyMailing user when a WordPress user is created/updated
  • Updated the email address verification based on latest RFC. The following characters are now accepted in the local part: !#$%&'*+/=?^_`.{|}~-
  • Fixed checks when saving forms (newsletter with empty subject for example)

AcyMailing WP 0.64:

11 December 2017

  • Language dropdown on newsletters is now fixed
  • Removed duplicated navigation tabs on bounce handling page
  • Fixed bounce rules installation
  • Fixed the Drag & drop ordering in the listings
  • Months are now translated in the datepicker when scheduling a newsletter
  • The "thumbnail" and "summary" fields have been removed in the newsletters edition page as they aren't used in WP

AcyMailing WP 0.63

6 December 2017

  • Added confirmation messages on subscription / unsubscription and on account modification / confirmation
  • Improved the "Modify your subscriptions" page

AcyMailing WP 0.62

5 December 2017

  • Fix php error when saving the Acy configuration (depending on the timezone value in the WP configuration)
  • Install and uninstall correctly the Acy database tables on subsites when using WordPress multisite
  • Fix features using WordPress users on multisite networks
  • Reload correctly the language file when loading the latest version from Acyba.com

AcyMailing WP 0.61

1 December 2017

  • Fix tooltip system on the subscription form (the widget)
  • Tabs in tag system now stay the last selected when re-opening the popup
  • The widget's configuration can now be saved directly after selecting lists in the "Display the lists" (WP didn't detect the change in the field)
  • Replaced Joomla texts in the user import page and users listing
  • Removed Joomla options in the custom fields management pages (listing and edition form)

AcyMailing WP 0.60

29 November 2017

  • Fix template and newsletter import popups
  • Fix the redirection after newsletter import

AcyMailing WP 0.59

23 November 2017

  • Make sure WordPress picks the right folder name even if the zip is renamed

AcyMailing WP 0.58

22 November 2017

  • Fix issue in the tinyMCE editor when adding paragraphs (the return lines were removed)
  • Remove Joomla options from the configuration (archive and front-end management)
  • Fix timezone issue on some pages (you can select either a numeric value or a country/state in the WordPress configuration)

AcyMailing WP 0.57

21 November 2017

  • Add some useful buttons to the WordPress editor in AcyMailing (table, tags, font family, font size...)
  • Fix the "Modify your subscription" page accessible from a tag inserted in a newsletter

AcyMailing WP 0.56

17 November 2017

  • Avoid duplicate messages in the AcyMailing messaging system
  • Fix pagination display
  • Improve the way AcyMailing data is deleted on plugin removal
  • Remove unused options from "Time" tag page
  • Fix PHP error in user export on the "Mass actions" page

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