The 2018 roadmap of acymailing

We had long talks and reflexions between us about the better way to offer acymailing to our existing Joomla users and our new WordPress users (and they can be the same people). We've reached an agreement to this roadmap and product strategy.

  • Acymailing 5.9 is our first universal version of acymailing. The same featureset between the two CMS, the same look and feel as it is today since the version 5.0.
    • We plan to roll-out this version in the first quarter of 2018. Prices still the same and package too (starter, essential, enterprise).
    • With an active license you can choose to download either the WordPress or Joomla package, but use only one at a time. Simple, efficient, painless, especially for our existing users.
    • This version is going to be the last one in the fifth series and the last one supporting Joomla 1.5
  • Acymailing 6.0 is a complete reboot.
    • Better, faster, stronger.
    • New design, new workflow, new features on top of the existing ones, new engine, new editor,etc. New stuff everywhere!
    • A new license, new prices, new payments options, etc.

This way, existing and new users of acymailing, could have the experience they want, when they want it:

"Want the 5th series?
Got it!"
"Want the 6th one?
- Go for it!"
"Want both?
- That's your choice dude."

No hurry, no stress, no break point. We strongly believe acymailing 6.0 is a major step forward in the email marketing extension industry.

And we are going to deliver it.

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