Migrate data from Joomla

To migrate AcyMailing data from Joomla! to WordPress, you first have to make sure the latest version of AcyMailing is installed on the Joomla! website, and that it is the same edition (Starter / Essential / Enterprise).
Note that you won't be able to migrate correctly the attachments added to your newsletters as the structure isn't the same, and the access rights based on usergroups as the groups are not the same in WordPress.

  1. Move the AcyMailing tables from the Joomla database to the WordPress one, and don't forget to replace the database prefix in the table names
  2. Install AcyMailing on the WordPress website if not already done then activate it
  3. Replace all the content of the folder WPsite/ wp-content/ plugins/ acymailing/ media/ by the one in Joomlasite/ media/ com_acymailing/
  4. Go to the AcyMailing configuration page, tab "Security" and replace the value of the "Upload folder" and "Media folder" fields by "wp-content/plugins/acymailing/media/upload"
  5. Execute the following queries, and for each one of them don't forget to replace "wp1_" by the real prefix of your database tables:

DELETE FROM wp1_acymailing_config WHERE namekey LIKE "acl_%"

UPDATE `wp1_acymailing_template` SET `thumb` = REPLACE(`thumb`, 'media/com_acymailing', 'wp-content/plugins/acymailing/media')

UPDATE `wp1_acymailing_template` SET `access` = 'all' WHERE `access` != 'none'

UPDATE `wp1_acymailing_list` SET `access_sub` = 'all' WHERE `access_sub` != 'none'
UPDATE `wp1_acymailing_fields` SET `access` = 'all' WHERE `access` != 'none'

UPDATE `wp1_acymailing_mail` SET `thumb` = REPLACE(`thumb`, 'media/com_acymailing', 'wp-content/plugins/acymailing/media')

UPDATE `wp1_acymailing_subscriber` SET `userid` = 0

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