Requests management


This screen enables you to change the status and approve the requests created by your users through the front-end AcyPolls menu.

When using AcyPolls to not only let the users vote for the proposed elements, but  also to let the users create some elements themselves, you will be able to accept or reject their requests.


List Description

  • Accept: Change the status of the selected items to "Accepted"
  • Reject: Change the status of the selected items to "Rejected"
  • Pending: Reset the status of the selected items
  • Approve: When using the approval system, you'll use this button to approve the items
  • Delete: You can delete the selected items using this button
  • Help: Open the current documentation in AcyPolls


List Form Infos

  • Votes: The number of votes for this item
  • Summary: The title of the item. Click on it to open a new tab showing the detailed page of the item.
  • Category: The item is attached to this category
  • Status: The status of the item (accepted / rejected / pending)
  • Approved: Shows if the item is shown or not on the front-end. Click on it to approve / unapprove the item (it will send an email to the creator).
  • ID: The ID of the item

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