This screen enables you to create or edit a category. You will then be able to attach categories to your front-end menus so that users could create requests for the right categories.


List Form Infos

  • Thumbnail: The image displayed on the requests detailed page
  • Name: The name of your category. This name will be displayed on the front-end. Click on it to edit the category.
  • Author: The creator of the listAlias of your list, this field is used to create friendly URLs. Click on it to edit the Joomla user.
  • Published: AcyPolls will not show the category and its requests on the front-end if it isn't published.
  • ID: The ID of the category.


Creation form

List Description

  • Toolbar
    • Save: Save the category and return to the category listing page
    • Apply: Save the category and stay on the current page
    • Cancel: Return to the category listing page without saving
    • Help: Open the current documentation in AcyPolls
  • Name: The name of the category, that will be displayed on the front-end
  • Published: If a category isn't published, users won't be able to see it or create requests in it
  • Thumbnail: The thumbnail is displayed on the detailed page of requests

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