AcyPolls configuration


This screen enables you to configure the extension.

You will find a tool to easily publish / unpublish the AcyPolls plugins and add / modify the AcyPolls language files.


Configuration Toolbar

  • Save : Save the configuration page and return to the requests listing.
  • Apply : Apply the modifications and stay on the same screen.
  • Cancel : Return to the requests listing.
  • Help : This button enables you to turn ON/OFF the help section, this screen will appear or disappear.

General configuration

Mail Sender

  • User comments: This option allows you to activate comments below detailed request pages.
    If you don't have any Facebook API key yet, you can follow the steps 1 to 11 on this page
  • Category display mode: Choose if you want to display the category's thumbnail or not on the detailed request page
  • Approval system: Activate or not the approval system. If it is turned On, requests created won't appear on the front-end listing until you approve them from the back-end listing
  • Additional CSS for the frontend: You can add your own CSS rules in this option to change the way AcyPolls looks like on the front-end. When using this option, the default AcyPolls CSS files are still loaded so make sure the CSS you enter overrides the default one.
  • Additional CSS for the backtend: This option works the exact same way as the previous one, but for the back-end
  • Editor: You can change the default editor used when creating requests



  • Allowed Files : List of allowed file extensions for uploads (category thumbnail upload, attachments with requests...)
  • Check database integrity: If you click on this button, AcyPolls will perform a few tests to make sure your database structure is up to date.
    We may add additional tests in the future.
    You can safely click on it at any time to check your database structure.

Access level


Thanks to this tab you can restrict the access of AcyPolls functionalities such as create requests, delete categories, configure the extension.

With the "options" button, you can access the Joomla ACL manager for AcyPolls.

The other options are permissions handled by AcyPolls. Note that even if the "Registered" group is allowed to delete categories, as members of this group don't have access to the back-end, they won't be able to do it.




This listing displays the list of languages installed on your website. For each language, you can edit the AcyPolls language file, create a new translation file from the English version or share with us your modifications (if you translated some language keys, we will add your translation to the next version)

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